Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Emerald 11: An Unbiased Review

WARNING: I am not offering any Bonus along with this review, so If you're looking for ipad bonuses most reviewers promise(that never come) along with this reviews then you're mistaken.

All you'll find on this page is PURE Unbiased Review; 

Creators of Emerald 11

Bill Mcrea needs no introduction when it comes to internet marketing, Mr Automation-as he is called- has branded many internet marketing courses as well as Marketing softwares in his years as a top end IMer, but amongst his slew of products there are a few that came short, well in my opinion.
........follow bill here

Mike Williams on the other hand, may have had his successes as an internet marketer but on this very product he stoops to gain from Bill's farther reaching interest.... follow Mike here

EMERALD 11: Niche Blogging System

Yes the cat is out of the Bag; Emerald 11 is a Niche blogging system with the McRea twist. targeted traffic is channelled through auto traffic nirvana system-also a system created by McRea.
The Niche sites are wordpress powered and the content creation is the work of a plugin "emerald 11"
"This product has been years in development and touted to be the perfect automated traffic machine.  A Google friendly traffic solution that we have all been dreaming about."

This is a push button software solution that will start generating traffic within minutes.

This is the much i know as of date about emerald 11. More SOON!

I score: Emerald 11

Creators: Very Good
Uniqueness: Not so Good (He's done sth Similar)
Price: Good(i favour one-time fee)
Transparency P/P : Good

In total i score Emerald 11 a 3.5/5, If You love automated solutions then the system does it's fair share of it.

Beyond Emerald 11